The end user dashboard is the primary interface for customers with the loyalty program. If this interface is visually appealing, the program is likely to see higher participation. Zinrelo provides four built-in templates for setting up visually appealing end user dashboards.

The four templates are -

  1. Default

  1. Classic

  1. Modern

  1. Vivid

You can choose the template that suits your brand and then proceed to customize it.

The configuration process is similar for all the themes.

Step1: Navigate to Design >> User Dashboard from the admin console. Select the template of your choice by clicking the edit icon for the respective template.

Note: In this view, you will see a “Live” sign at the bottom of the template which is currently active

Step 2: Follow the configuration steps in the ‘Customize Dashboard’ section.

Note: You can toggle between the guest view and member view and also between the desktop view and the mobile view to see how your configuration changes take effect.

# Upload Background image:

The Classic and Vivid templates require a background image for the guest view of the dashboard. The recommended size for this image is 625x650 pixels.

# Edit Brand color:

You can customize the color theme to match your brand. You can add custom colors by specifying the HTML codes for the colors.

If you are looking for more flexibility for customizing the dashboard you can consider updating the CSS.

# Edit Dashboard Labels:

All the text fields in the End-user Dashboard can be edited. You will find two views:

1. Guest Dashboard ( This view will be displayed to the members who have not enrolled or have not logged into their accounts)

2. Logged-In view ( This view will be displayed to the members who have logged into their accounts)

Note: It will show you the related screens associated with the ‘view’ stated above. You can click on them and start editing.

The fields have a pencil shown next to them. While clicking on the pencil, you activate the edit mode for that field.

After editing the text, you can save the changes by clicking on the tick mark which will now be present instead of the pencil.

#Embed Dashboard

This section will help you to follow step-by-step instructions to embed this dashboard onto your website. The dashboard is usually embedded in the 'My Account' section of the site.

The alternative to embedding the dashboard is to render it as a pop-up. The configuration for the Pop up widget can be found in a separate section.

  • Go to Design >> Pop up and widget.

You can change the text and color similar to above dashboard changes.

# Customize CSS

You can upload a Cascading Style Sheets to further customize the End user dashboard.

You can update the CSS for the desktop view and the mobile view separately. On clicking a pop-up will appear where you can input the code and save it.

Note: This would require development expertise.

# Landing Tab

You can configure which tab gets loaded first in the End User dashboard.

Step 4: Click on the “Publish” button to save the changes.

How do I edit images in my template?

The Classic and Vivid templates require images in the activity and rewards tiles. These images can be uploaded from the respective activity and reward settings.

  • To upload the images go to: Program Settings >> Activities/ Rewards

  1. Select the activity you want to upload the image for

  2. Click on edit

  3. Activity/Reward tile image >> Upload

  4. Save.

Note: The size of the image has to be 280X280.

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