The Zinrelo integration for Hubspot allows brands to use loyalty data to create better marketing campaigns. With the loyalty data in Hubspot, brands will be able to segment users on the loyalty data and create personalized campaigns to improve customer engagement, retention and build a loyal customer base.

Integration benefits :

  • Real-time data sync from Zinrelo to Hubspot.

  • Better segmentation of customers in Hubspot on the basis of loyalty data like - points balance, tier status, number of purchases, and total purchase value.

How does it work?

Zinrelo - Hubspot integration will push updates to the loyalty data from Zinrelo to Hubspot.

What will be needed to perform this integration?

Zinrelo will need the HubSpot API key for the client's Hubspot account.

Please contact Zinrelo customer support to enable this integration for you

How does the integration work?

1. Creation of custom properties in the Contact Object:

The integration will first create the following custom properties in the Hubspot Contact object.


Internal Name

Field Type

Store Name



Available points



Referral code



Referral URL



Loyalty Tier



Number of Purchases



Total Purchase Value



All these custom properties will belong to a custom group named - Loyalty Data

Note: For contacts who are not in Zinrelo but in Hubspot, the values of custom properties will be empty

2. Data Sync

Whenever there is an update to any of the above values in Zinrelo,

  • Zinrelo will first make an API call (using the email of the user) to check if the contact is present in Hubspot

  • If the user is not present in Hubspot, Zinrelo will create the user with the following default properties

  1. Name of the contact as is present in Zinrelo.

  2. The email address of the contact.

  • Along with these default properties, Zinrelo will also push the values for the above-mentioned custom properties to this newly created contact.

  • If the user is already present in Hubspot, Zinrelo will simply update the custom properties with the latest values present in Zinrelo.

Note :

We will need confirmation from the client to run the initial sync between Zinrelo and Hubspot. In this process, the loyalty information for all the users currently presents in Zinrelo will be synced in Hubspot. Thereafter any incremental changes to the loyalty information will be synced as and when they occur. The data sync will adhere to the conditions mentioned in the above section named “Data sync”

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