Question 1: I want to award 1 point per 2 dollars spent is it possible? As when I tried it would not allow 0.5 per dollar spent to be saved

Answer: It is not possible. The system does not support decimal points, it should be a whole number. Hence the minimum that we can save is 1 point per dollar spent.

Question 2: I want to have the 'write a review' activity tile to be clickable? Currently, it's not working, what setting I need to enable?

Answer: The hyperlink should be saved under 'Text Configuration'>>'Points Earning Description HTML'. You can use this option to hyperlink any activity tile.

Question 3: Some of our products are already giving good discounts so I would need to exclude those products from giving points is that possible?

Answer: That is possible. It can be done by going to 'Purchase on Website' activity >> Under Manage Rules>> Exclude the Products id's or Product Category.

Question 4: If there is a guest purchase without creating an account but I would still want referrals to get points is that possible?

Answer: Yes it can be done in the Settings of the 'Refer a Friend' Activity >> Allow referral for guest checkout

Question 5: How would I know if I am low on reward coupon balance would I be notified by your team?

Answer: After 80% of coupon codes are exhausted then the Admins will receive an email alert requesting to refill the reward coupon code

Question 6: How can I add coupon codes in bulk?

Answer: You can copy-paste them in the manage codes section. You cannot upload them using CSV at the moment.

Question 7: I want to award 25% points of the order total, is that possible? Example: If the order total is 100, I would like to award 25 points.

Answer: It is not possible from within the system settings but we can achieve it via some tech changes. When a purchase happens, instead of sending the value 100 to Zinrelo, you can send the value 25. We will keep the points as 1pont per dollar spent.

Note: The reporting will get hampered due to this change and is NOT recommended

Question 8: For Review on the website, if I setup Yotpo reviews, will Zinrelo pull historical review and award points to the customers?

Answer: No, Zinrelo will award points to the reviews which were posted after the program launch. But you can manually award points to the customers who reviewed your website before the program launch.

Question 9: Do you guys provide a multi-lingual loyalty program? The system should select the language based on the country or the website language.

Answer: Yes, we do provide a multi-lingual loyalty program. The language selection based on country or website language is based on the shopping cart you have integrated with.

Question 10: I am eligible for a $30 off coupon. Can I directly email that coupon to one of my friends as a gift voucher?

Answer: You cannot email it directly through the end-user dashboard. But you can manually copy the code and send it to your friend.

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