Reward your loyalty program members with gift cards, Visa® cards, money, and more

Zinrelo has now introduced a catalog of reward options that do not require you to limit the redemption options in your loyalty program to store-based coupons. You can now delight your users with different rewards like virtual gift cards, Visa cards, Cash Transfer, and Paypal transfer.

This document explains the process of setting up gift cards, Visa cards, Cash Transfer, and Paypal transfer as reward options in your loyalty program.

Please check this rewards catalog along with the country they are available for and the denomination restrictions. Once you've decided on the gift cards (or other options) from the catalog that you wish to provide to your loyalty program users, head over to the Zinrelo Admin Console to configure them.

Important note: Every reward in the form of a Bank Transfer or Paypal transfer will incur an additional $2. For e.g - You set up a reward option for - $10 Paypal Cash for 1000 points. When a user redeems this reward, Zinrelo will charge you $12 for this transaction.

For the purpose of this article, we will configure 'Amazon Gift Card' as a Reward option

1. Setting up Amazon Gift Card as a reward option

Basic Settings

  • Navigate to the Zinrelo Admin Console > Rewards section.
  • At the bottom, you will find a card that says - New Reward.
  • Click on the + icon to create a new reward.
  • From the 'Reward Type' dropdown, select 'Flexible Rewards' .
  • From the 'Reward template for dashboard' dropdown, select 'Visual'.
  • Upload an image that will depict that this reward is an Amazon Gift Card. For e.g

This image will show up on the cover of the reward in the loyalty rewards dashboard. Here is an example -

Note: When choosing Bank/Paypal transfer or a charity donation, use an image that correctly depicts the reward option.

  • The dimensions of the image will depend upon the dashboard layout. If you are using a wider layout with larger boxes an image of size 360px x 240px should suffice. Please feel free to reach out to Zinrelo Customer support if you are having trouble with this image.
  • In the "Reward Amount" text box, enter the amount this gift card is worth. For this example, let's assume this value to be $10.
  • Also, enter the points to be deducted against this reward. For this example, let's assume this value to be 1000.
  • Set the reward eligibility, auto-redeem setting, and reward limit. You can find details about these settings here -


  • Switch to the 'Text-Configuration' tab.
  • Set the Display name as - $10 Amazon Card.
  • Set the Description to - Redeem Amazon card worth $10 for 1000 points.
  • Verify the Redemption Confirmation text - " {{POINTS}} points will be deducted from your account. You will be sent a {{REWARD_AMOUNT}} reward link. Visit the link to select your gift card. Continue? " Make changes to this description as you deem fit.
  • Verify the Post Redemption HTML - "Click on the link above to select a {{REWARD_AMOUNT}} gift card of your choice. We have also emailed you this reward link.". Make changes to this description as you deem fit.
  • Finally, click on Save.

Note: Flexible rewards need to be reviewed by Zinrelo before they can be made available to your users. Hence, when you try activating this reward, you will see the below message.

Please contact Zinrelo support so that they can review your settings and activate the reward for you. Zinrelo support will get in touch with you to confirm the reward settings and discuss the payment options to recharge the gift cards on your behalf. Once the settings have been reviewed, gift cards have been recharged and the necessary activities in the back end to support this reward option have been set up, this reward will be activated. Please note that it may take up to 4-5 days for this process.

In a similar manner, you can set up a Visa gift card, charity donation option, Paypal and Bank Transfer, etc.

Note: There are extra charges applied for a few reward types like Bank Transfer, Paypal, Physical prepaid cards. Please contact your customer success manager for more information.

End-User Experience :

Regardless of whether you've set up an Amazon gift card, charity donation, Visa card or Paypal Transfer option in your loyalty program, the end-user experience in the loyalty user dashboard remains the same.

  • In the user dashboard, when users click on the card for a gift card or Paypal type of reward, they will be shown a confirmation screen stating that points will be deducted and a reward link will be displayed.
  • The link will be of the form - https://<yourmerchantkey><random ID>.
  • This link will also be emailed to the users.
  • Upon clicking on this link, users will navigate to a landing page where they can complete the process of claiming this reward.

How to create a new reward

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