The idea is to give the inactive customers an incentive to make a purchase soon. Here is a quick video explaining the Winback Bonus Activity:

Where can I set up the Winback activity?

  • You can go to the Admin console >> Activities >> Click on the Winback edit icon >> Enable the toggle to activate.


  • Points: Number of points to be awarded when an account is created.

  • Activity Template for the dashboard: If you select " Visual" the system will let you upload an image of your own that will be displayed on the End-user dashboard.

  • Activity ID: This field cannot be edited for the in-built activities. For custom activities, this field acts as a reference in the API call.

  • Show activity in User Dashboard: You can opt if you want to display this activity on the End-user dashboard or hide it.

  • Inactivity Period: This is the number of months in which, if a customer has not made a purchase, the customer will be considered inactive.

  • Winback offer validity: The win back activity awards points to the inactive customers if they purchase within the offer validity period. After this, they lose the opportunity to earn the points.\

  • Winback Offer Email: You can design your Winback email body text.

Text configuration:

You can set up the text for the activity. This text will be displayed to the end-user via the onsite notification OR end-user dashboard.

How does the system define an inactive member?

You can define your inactive members based on the activities they perform.

  • Go to Program Settings >> Points expiry >> Activities that keep the account active.

  • Select which activities you would like to add to the list.

  • Click Save

In that way, you can set up member inactivity based on non- monetary activities too.

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