What is "creating an account" activity?

Each business has a set of customers who they target through the loyalty program. The first step to engage these customers by encouraging them to create an account with you. In that way, your customer base increases and you get to cater to a larger data set.

My website does not have 'create an account' option? Does Zinrelo provide the interface for that?

No. To Enable this activity you will need to make sure you have the 'create an account' function implemented on your website. Only then Zinrelo will be able to integrate between the two systems award points.

How can I set up this activity?

During the initial integration, Zinrelo has included a few steps where a certain code is embedded on your website that returns value to us via which we receive the account creation information. Now there are two options:

  1. You can auto-enroll the members- Meaning as soon as a member creates an account on your website, he/she becomes a member within the loyalty program as well. [ Default Setting]

  2. You can set up explicit Opt-in: Meaning a member will have a choice if he/she wants to be a part of the program

So in short, once you complete your integration, you can simply enable this activity from the admin console.

What are the settings included in this activity?

Go to: Program Settings >> Activities >> Click on create an account edit icon >> Enable the toggle to Create an account activity.


  • Points: Number of points to be awarded when an account is created.

  • Approval type: You can set the approval of point allocation in different ways. It could be

a) Immediately

b) Manually ( where you manually approve the request)

c) After a fixed duration: You can set up a fixed duration of days after which the

the point will get approved automatically.

  • Activity Template for the dashboard: If you select " Visual" the system will let you upload an image of your own that will be displayed on the End-user dashboard.

  • Activity ID: This field cannot be edited for the in-built activities. For custom activities, this field acts as a reference in the API call.

  • Show activity in User Dashboard: You can opt if you want to display this activity on the End-user dashboard or hide it.

Text Configuration:

You can set up the text for the activity. This text will be displayed to the end-user via the onsite notification

Manage Rules:

You can set up rules based on the 'Enrollment date' of the user. For example: If the enrollment was done between Jan 1, 2020, and March 1, 2020, = Then award X points

Note: These rules are an add on to the base points awarded.

You can either set up a i) Bonus Multiplier OR ii) Fixed points rule.

So based on the above example you can set:

  1. IF enrollment date is between January 1, 2020, and March 1, 2020, then apply fixed points = 100

  2. IF enrollment date is between January 1, 2020, and March 1, 2020, then apply 5X multiplier. (Base points X 5)

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