What are program Activities?

Program Activities are the triggers at which you would want to award points to your program members. Normally these activities are targeted in a way that would increase client engagement.

Zinrelo has two types of Activities:

  1. Built-in activities

  2. Custom activities

Which built-in activities are available?

Below are the listed activities, to know more click on the associated links:

  • Account creation: Using this activity you can award points to members for creating an account.

  • Purchase on Website: This activity is triggered when a purchase is made on your e-commerce website. It tracks purchases + returns too.

  • Birthday Bonus: Based on the DOB entered by the member you can automate a bonus every year.

  • Winback Bonus: This activity runs after every specific time period to give a nudge to inactive members and win them back.

  • Social Media Sharing: You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • Refer- a- friend: You can award members for referring you to their friends. You can set up a reward for the referral and well as for the referrer.

  • Anniversary Bonus: This works like the birthday Bonus. Based on when the member was enrolled in your system, you can award points to members yearly for being a loyal client.

  • Write a review: You can either use our integrated platforms like Bazaar Voice, Trustpilot, PowerReviews, Yotpo, or custom

Where can I find the activity settings?

Log into your Zinrelo Admin console >> Click on Program Settings >> Activities.

For more details about activities click on the links above.

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