What are the basic functions I can perform on a member profile?

  • Log into your Zinrelo admin console >> Click on Members >> You will see a list of all your members.

  • To perform any action in bulk >> Select any member >> Actions

Note: You can also use Filters to segregate specific criteria matching members and perform bulk actions

You can perform actions like:

  1. Delete: You can delete various members at once and remove them from your loyalty program. If the member is not a part of the program, they will not be able to view the End User Dashboard as well. Once deleted, they can be a part of the program after you re-add them.

  2. Block: If you want to block a certain member from the program you can do so using this option. This normally is used when you want to restrict any member to redeem any points. For example: If you suspect a spammer or if someone is gaming your program.

  3. Add tag: Tags are short labels that you can apply to a certain set of members to segregate them later. For example: Apply the tag “ inactive” for members who have been inactive for 6 months. You can use this segregated data to run campaigns for them too.

  4. Remove tag: With the above logic, once you see the member no longer falls in that category, you can remove the tag.

What are the actions I can perform individually for members?

  • Click on the member name >> You will enter the member profile >> Click on Actions.

Email Unsubscribe: You can unsubscribe the member from any emails that go out from Zinrelo. For example Transactional emails - Congratulations! You have earned 200 points.



Adjust points: You can perform an action to the member gaining or losing points. For example, You want to award points as a special bonus to a member. You can use this option.

a) Add points b) Deduct points

Redeem Points: You can redeem points on behalf of a member. For example, A client calls your support line and places an order, you can check the points available and redeem the reward for them.

Upgrade Tiers: This is relevant only if your program has a tiered structure. You can then upgrade members to higher tiers if you want to. But you cannot downgrade them.

Please note: The above functions are available, apart from the automated functionality that triggers. So in the background, the automation will work, but if you want to perform a specific action, you will have full control.

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