Members are the end-user customers who are a part of the loyalty program. There are various ways to import a member into the system based on the situation.

  1. Manually create a member profile

  2. Import members into the system

  3. Auto enroll members

How can I create a new member profile?

  • Log into your Zinrelo Admin console >> Go to Members >> Click on the “+” sign on the right top of the page.

  • On clicking on the add button you will see a pop up that will ask you for member details like:

Email Address- Mandatory

First Name- Mandatory

Last name- Mandatory

Member ID- Optional

  • Add the details >> Click on Save.

Please note: If you have set an account creation activity that rewards points to members. Creating members manually will also award them points directly.

What information can I find under the member profile?

When you click on a member profile on the right side you will see member personal details and on the left side you will see loyalty program details:

Member details: This includes-

  • Personal member details: This includes name, email address, DOB, and other generic information.

  • Points details: It provides information about the points earned by the loyalty program

  • Purchase details: This includes the details of any purchases made by the member. It will be logged for each member to get a better idea of that member's contribution.

  • Referral Details: If you are using the Refer-a-friend activity, this section will give you the member’s stats on any referral performed

Loyalty Details: This includes-

  • Points earned activity: Any points earned by the member and the associated activity details are listed.

  • Reward history: Any rewards redeemed by the member will be listed down in this section

  • Deduct History: Any deduct history of the point earned will be listed down.

In short, any transactional details associated with the specific member will be displayed in the member profile section.

How to import members to the loyalty program

Actions performed on a member profile

Setting up Explicit opt-in for members

Set up Auto-enrollment for members

How to use Filters

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