Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses — featuring powerful email and SMS marketing automation. Zinrelo integrates with the platform to make it easier for Zinrelo users to structure their email marketing along with loyalty program details.

How can I integrate with Klaviyo?

Step 1: Navigate to the General → Apps section of Zinrelo admin console and select Klaviyo from the listing.

Step 2: Enter your Public API key and Private API key to sync data between two systems. If you are not sure where to find your API keys, please check Klaviyo API Key documentation .

Step 3: After you have added the correct API keys, Zinrelo will set up the integration.

So whenever a new member is enrolled in the loyalty program or there is any update in member’s profile data, Zinrelo will send over the information to Klaviyo.

Note: The integration does not automatically sync the historical data of users from Zinrelo. You can reach out to the Zinrelo support team for the historical data sync.

What are the benefits of this Integration?

  1. You can create segments of contacts based on the loyalty program data. Zinrelo sends over the following profile data and event data to Klaviyo:

2. Segments can be created:


a) Points earned > 100

b) If $10 coupon was redeemed at least once:

3: Zinrelo also pushes different loyalty events data to Klaviyo. These events are the triggers from Zinrelo which you can use to send out program-related emails. Here is the list of events:

How can I add Zinrelo loyalty details in an email template?

You will have point and click functions within Klaviyo, but setup will be required. Below are a few examples:

a) Set up points award email:

Step 1: Create a trigger

Step 2: Design the email body

b) Set up Points redeem email:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Which fields can be mapped within email templates?




{{ first_name|default:''|title }} {{ last_name|default:''|title }}


{{ event|lookup:'Points Current Activity' }}


Congratulations! You have earned {{ event|lookup:'Points Current Activity' }} points for {{ event|lookup:'Recent Activity Completed' }}


{{ person|lookup:'Points Available'|default:'' }}


{{ event|lookup:'Reward Points Used' }}


{{ event|lookup:'Redeemed Reward Name' }}


{{ event|lookup:'Redeemed Reward Code' }}


{{ person|lookup:'Points Available' }}


Merchant website URL


If you'd like to unsubscribe and stop receiving these emails <a href="{% unsubscribe_link %}" target="_blank">click <span class="il">here</span></a>


Name of the Loyalty Program


Name of the merchant


{{ event|lookup:'Current Tier' }}


{{ person|lookup:'Points Available'|default:'' }}


{{ person|lookup:'Event Points Expiry Date'|default:'' }}


{{ event|lookup:'Points Current Activity' }}


{{ event|lookup:'Receipt Rejection Note' }}


{{ event|lookup:'Receipt Submission Date' }}

Rewards List

{{ event|lookup:'Rewards List' }}


{{ event|lookup:'Points Current Activity' }}

Contact us at support@zinrelo.com for any further queries.

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