Program promotion is crucial to the success of the program. Promotion involves creating awareness about the program as well as engaging the existing customers.

While the website and email campaigns are the primary channels for creating awareness about the program for new customers, to engage enrolled members businesses should use event-based notifications and run special loyalty program promotions each month.

Enrolled customers are always looking for ways to earn more points and rewards. Promotional events that offer these opportunities generate a lot of interest. These promotional events need not be exclusive to the loyalty program.

With the new campaigns, module businesses can now run dedicated campaigns right from the Zinrelo console. The feature not only allows to filter out the target audience but also chooses the type of incentive to be given.

Setting up a campaign is extremely easy and involves 4 basic steps:

  • Step 1: Define your Target User Segment

  • Step 2: Select a promotion

  • Step 3: Set a Notification

  • Step 4: Review Campaign configuration and publish the Campaign

Let’s understand these steps in detail.

Create a New Campaign

Visit the campaigns section of the Zinrelo admin console and then click on ‘New Campaigns’.

Now enter a name for the campaign (for internal use) and click on ‘Create’.

Step 1: Define your Target User Segment

The first step is to choose the users to target. Filter out the other members using different filters based on:

  • Basic details

  • Points details

  • Purchase details

  • Referral details

Step 2: Select a promotion

After the members are selected the next step is to select the promotion. There are 5 different options for promotions choose from that Zinrelo allows to target segmented users:

  • Upgrade Tier: Upgrade the user tier for a limited period of time. The tiers will downgrade at the end of the campaign.

  • Enable Special Reward: Rewards created in this campaign will be available only to segmented users for the duration of the campaign. This reward will not be listed under the Program settings > Rewards tab

  • Set Bonus Multiplier: Set bonus multiplier for one or more activities for a limited period allowing users to earn extra points.

  • Add Bonus Points: Add one-time bonus points to the user’s account

  • Extend Points expiry: Extend the points expiration to a future date

Step 3: Set a Notification

The next step is to configure the email notification to be sent to users in the campaign.

You can either create a new email or copy-paste an HTML code of an existing email. It is possible to add a delay to the email in case it needs to be sent after some days of the campaign being launched.

Once the email has been configured send a test email to yourself and check how it appears in the inbox. If the emails need to be sent through Listrak or any other ESP these should be configured in the specific ESP instead.

Step 4: Exit Criteria

You can either choose to exit the members at the end of the campaign OR exit them prematurely after a specific action is performed.

Example: If you are running a campaign for dormant users, you can exit the member when they make a purchase. ( Because that is your goal )

On their exit, you can add tags to members as well.

Example: You want to segregate the members who got rejuvenated because of your campaign. You can add a tag " rejuvenated" and later you can filter them based on tags to run further campaigns.

Step 5: Review Campaign configuration and publish the Campaign

After configuring the campaign it is just a matter of reviewing all the settings and publishing the campaign.

Step 5.1: Review campaign configuration

  • Step 1: User Selection: Review the target audience, edits, and changes to the filter used to create the segment can be done from here.

  • Step 2: Promotion: Change to the promotion or the incentive type can be done from here.

  • Step 3: Notification: Any changes to the email notification or the delay time, can be done from here.

Step 5.2: Schedule the campaign

  • Set the start and end date for your campaign

  • Or set it live immediately

Step 5.3: Publish the campaign: Now the final step is to launch the campaign

Note: Please get in touch with your account manager at Zinrelo for any questions or any help required for setting up campaigns.

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