The recommended approach is to automatically enroll customers in the rewards program. This allows you to engage a larger audience and create a bigger impact through the program. However, if your business requires that customers opt-in for the program themselves, you can set up an explicit opt-in flow.

Step 1: Disable the auto-enrollment:

After completing the integration with your website or your e-commerce cart the settings automatically are set for auto-enrollment of members.

To disable that contact

Step 2: Create a checkbox on the registration form of the website:

On the page where the members create an account with you, you can add an extra option for the members where they can select the text box if they want to be a part of the program.

Step 3: Call Zinrelo's API

To enroll customers in the program when they opt-in you will need to make a few settings to automate the process.

The details of the 'CreateUser' API endpoint are available at this link. The customer information will be sent to Zinrelo through the API. When Zinrelo receives the API request, the customer will be enrolled in the program. 

Step 4: Alternate way for members

Provide customers an option to opt-in at a later time while they have already created an account. So if they change their mind they can still be a part of the loyalty program.

Create a navigation link in the 'My Account' section to the rewards program. If the customers have opted in, they will be able to view the dashboard here.

Note: To know more about embedding the dashboard check this article.

If the customers have not opted in to the program yet, they should see the same option as shown during the registration process. When they opt-in, you will have to call Zinrelo's CreateUser API endpoint as discussed above.

If you are not storing the opt-in status of customers, you can use Zinrelo's GetUser Javascript function to check if the customer is enrolled in the program or not. Depending on the response from Zinrelo, you can show the opt-in button or the rewards dashboard.

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