April 30th, 2019


  • Ability to fetch User via API using user_id: Zinrelo API’s were initially designed to use email as unique key to fetch information about users via API. We have enhanced the Get Users API endpoint to also accept user_id. Developers can now query the Get Users API using both email as well as user_id.
  • Track Order Returns in BigCommerce: Zinrelo’s Bigcommerce app now has the ability to track order returns and process them to make necessary amendments to user’s loyalty points balance. This enhancement will apply to all new signups for Zinrelo's Bigcommerce app by default. If you are a Bigcommerce customer and had signed up for Zinrelo's loyalty app before April 30th, please contact Zinrelo support to enable this functionality for your Zinrelo account.

April 16th, 2019


  • Ability to provide points to the referrer based on the friend’s purchase value: Customers will now have two options to reward a user for purchases made by their referred friends - a) Customers can either award user a percentage of points earned by the referred friend for making a purchase or b) Customers can award the user a percentage of the purchase value of the purchase made by the friend.
  • Tier rules in Birthday Bonus Activity :We now allow customers to set rules for the Birthday Bonus activity based on the user tier. Customers will be able to configure different points for Birthday Bonus activity based on the user tiers.
  • Enhancement for Listrak and Bronto: Until now as soon as the CRM credentials were entered, the Zinrelo email notifications would get paused and would not be visible. Now, the customers can choose where to send each email from and can switch over to the CRM at their convenience after configuring the emails in the CRM. This gives you the flexibility to first configure and test emails in CRM one by one before completely switching over to CRM for email delivery.

April 2nd, 2019

Enhancements :

  • Review on website should have a default frequency rule of once per week : In order to prevent users from abusing the 'points for reviews' provision in the loyalty program, we now set the default frequency rule for 'Review on Website' activity to once per week. You can always change this in the Manage Rules section of the Review on Website activity in Zinrelo admin console
  • Name of the store in weekly reports : The weekly reports that you receive for your loyalty stores will now contain the name of the store to make it easy for you to figure out the Zinrelo store it belongs to, in case you have multiple stores set up in Zinrelo.
  • Copy button for coupon code in Reward: Your users will now see a copy icon right next to the coupon code when they redeem points for coupons making it easier for them to copy the code and use it during checkout.
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