March 26th, 2019

New Feature:

  • Ability to tag users : We have introduced the ability to add tags to your loyalty users for better segmentation. This functionality will allow admins to bulk tag/untag users from the members screen or tag/untag an individual member from the individual user profile. Users can also be searched using tags as the filter criteria. Here is how the tagging functionality works - 

Adding tags in bulk

Adding tag for an individual member

Searching users using tags.


  • Admin invites delivered late: The email invites to admins triggered when a Zinrelo store admin creates admins in the store was delivered very late. We have enhanced this behaviour and the email invites are now sent immediately.

March 12th, 2019


  • Ability to view invoices in pdf format : We have added the ability to view the invoices that are emailed to the customers in pdf format. Customers can click on the Invoice Date in the Billing tab to view the invoice details.

Bug Fix:

  • Refer a Friend emails not going out for customers where customer name consists of special characters: Refer a friend invitation emails weren’t being sent to if the customer name had special characters. This issue has been resolved.

March 5th, 2019

New Features:

  • A new reward type - Product Redemption: We have introduced a new reward type  to allow you to configure products as rewards.The two new attributes introduced with this reward are product image URL and product page URL as mandatory fields. The image would appear on the reward tile as well as the redemption confirmation box whereas the redemption confirmation instructions will have the product URL. Here is how product redemption tile would look like in the Rewards section.
  • Clickable Custom Activities : We have now introduced a field called “Points Earning Description HTML” in the activity configuration for “Made a Purchase”, “Write a Review” and custom activities. You can add instructions about how users can earn points for custom activity in this field. If this field is not empty, the activity tile in the user dashboard will be clickable and the instructions will be shown to the user.


  • Search Members by Member ID: You can now search users using the Member ID that is passed to Zinrelo in the client_user_id field in the javascript integration and specified in the Member ID field during manual user creation.
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