This Article can be referred to import new members or to update attributes for any of the existing members

For importing customers into your program, you can also the sample import file from Admin console -> Members tab, when you go for customers import process.

The fields contained in the import template are described below: 

Please go to Zinrelo Admin console -> Members and Click on Import Members 

You will land on the Import page where you can download the sample Import file as mentioned above.

1) You can download the sample Import file to see the correct format in which the data has to be imported as explained above. The Field headers on all fields must be correct for a successful import. The Import file name shall be in the below format.


You can get your Partner ID from Admin Console -> General Tab -> Settings 

2) Please enter the number of months you would like the points to get expire after inactivity. 

3) Check the box in case you would want to award points for the carry over balance.

4) Check the box in case you would want to award points for account creation (generally not checked as the customers are already active members on the client site at the time of import) 

5) Check the box in case you would like to send the welcome email to the imported Customers. 

You can then upload your file and then click on Import.

Once the file is validated by the system, you shall receive an email on your registered email ID on the schedule of the Import Job. Normally the Import is completed in 24 hours from the time you have uploaded the file in Zinrelo. 




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