Customer support teams may want to access a customer's loyalty data to check the history and add or deduct points. Zinrelo provides a complete customer management interface for support teams to take multiple actions on an individual customer account.
In case of omni channel programs, this interface can be used by the staff for everything from enrolling members to awarding points to customers and redeeming rewards on their behalf. 

Support Operations Governance

Before we discuss the member management interface, let us look at the controls available to regulate the loyalty program operations. 

  1. Restricted Access:
    You can grant restricted access to the Zinrelo admin console which will allow support members to access the member management interface but will not allow changing any program configuration. You can choose the access level of each admin in the General >> Adminstrators section.
    Support members who have access only to the 'Members' section will see the admin console as shown below. 

2. Audit Trail:
A log of all points added and deducted is maintained in the 'Audit Trail'. (General >> Audit trail).

3. Manual Approval for point updates:
If you want to exercise strict control over changes of points in customers' accounts, you can set up a manual approval requirement for point updates made by support teams. All update transactions will show up in the 'Moderation' tab and only administrators with full access can approve them.
To set this up, go to the General >> Settings section and check the manual adjustment approval checkbox.

Member management:

The various functions available in the interface are explained below:

  1. Search for members:
    You can search for members by their name or email address. When you click on any of the search results, it will open the individual profile of that customer where you have additional user management options.

2. Enroll Members:
Members signing up on your site will be automatically enrolled in the program. But if you need to manually enroll some member you can use this option.

3. View customer profile data and transaction history

4. Delete / Block / Unsubscribe members:
Delete - Delete member record and all associated transactions from the program. The member can still sign up again and in that event a new account will be created for the customer.
Block - The member will be blocked from participating in the program.
Unsubscribe - The member will not receive any emails from the loyalty program.

5. Adjust customer's points:
Add points - Add points to a customer's account against any activity. If awarding points for purchases, you will have to provide the order ID too. For manual adjustment of points, it is advised to create a new activity for 'Manual adjustment' and award points against that. It makes tracking easier.
Redeem points - If a customer is eligible for a reward, the options will show up and you can select from those options. On selecting, points will be deducted from the customer's account and a coupon code (if any) will be sent to the customer.
Deduct points - Deduct points from the customer's account. This is not the same as redemption. Points are deducted if they were incorrectly awarded. These points will not be considered for tier upgrades. 

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