There are two parts to designing a loyalty program - 

  1. Creating the structure for program components such as activities, rewards, tiers. 

  2. Designing the user experience flows including the creative assets as well as the touch customer touch points.

This article deals with the user experience part of the program design.
Broadly, the user experience aspects can be classified into - 

  1. Creative Assets configured in Zinrelo

  2. Creative Assets set up directly on the website

  3. User experience flows

Creative Assets configured in Zinrelo

The loyalty dashboard:This is the primary interface for customers with the program. The decisions to be made on the dashboard are about the look and feel of it and where should the dashboard be displayed to customers.
For details on configuring the dashboard, check

Email Notifications:
The program sends out various trigger based emails to your customers. You can customize everything about these emails including the sender address and subject line.

Onsite Notifications: 

There are some built-in notifications designed to show up on your website. As with all features, you can customize these too.

Creative assets set up on the website

There are some additional customer facing elements that are not built into the default setup, but are good to have to promote the program.
a. Landing page on your website which explains the program to customers. (Example 1, Example 2)
b. Navigation links to the dashboard in the header / footer of your website.
c. Displaying customers' loyalty points and tier wherever the customer name is displayed on the site.
d. Social sharing buttons on product pages that call out the points earning opportunity for social sharing. (Link to implementation details)
e. Banners / buttons / links promoting the referral program on the website. ( Link to implementation details)

User Experience Flows

This part of the UX maps out customer flows on the website. Some questions that you should answer as part of this process are given below.
a. How will customer be made aware of earning opportunities, particularly for custom activities?
b. When should customers earn points for any of the activities? (Immediately or after a delay to allow time for moderation)
What should the communication be in case of a delayed approval?
c. How should returns be handled? (Processing Order Returns)?
d. How will customers redeem rewards? In the default setup, customers are expected to redeem coupon codes through the loyalty dashboard. (See default redemption process)
But that need not always be the case. An example of a custom redemption flow is the checkout page redemption process.
Rewards may even be automatically triggered to customers. What should the end to end redemption process look like?

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