Zinrelo's loyalty program allows you to award points for some social sharing / following activities without the need for any additional setup. This article explains how each of these activities can be set up in the Zinrelo program.

You can enable any of these activities from the Zinrelo admin console >> Program Settings >> Activities. When you enable the activities your customers can see this earning opportunity in their loyalty dashboard under the 'Earn Points' tab.

1. Share on Facebook:

How it works?

Customers will get points for sharing your brand on Facebook. The share is done through the Zinrelo widget so that we can track and award points. However, the points are not awarded immediately on sharing. This is because Facebook's platform policy doesn't allow awarding incentives for sharing. The way around this is to award points when someone clicks through the Facebook post and that is what Zinrelo does. 

For one shared post, a customer will get points only once irrespective of how many others click through the post. The idea is that points are awarded for a share; just that the trigger is changed to a click back. 

Can the post be customized?

The post cannot be customized within Zinrelo. When a post is put up on FB, FB crawls the landing page where the post directs people to and picks up the content from that page automatically to display in the post.
So the post can still be customized by setting up appropriate og tags on the respective landing page of your site. 

<meta property="og:title" content="The Rock" />
<meta property="og:type" content="video.movie" />
<meta property="og:url" content="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117500/" />
<meta property="og:image" content="http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/rock.jpg" />

Which page do customers land on after click on the Facebook post?

Anyone clicking through the FB post shared through the Zinrelo widget will land on your home page.
If you have selected the "Share current page URL" option in the Share on Facebook activity settings then the post shares the URL of whichever page the customer was on when the share was done. In that case the people clicking through the post will be directed to that URL and the content of the post will be picked up from the respective page og tags. 

2. Share on Pinterest

This is very similar to the Share on Facebook activity. The only difference is that Pinterest does not check the landing page URL for the content of the post. So the post will always have static content based on whatever image and text you have uploaded to the Zinrelo admin console.
Other than that, the way the points are awarded and the option to share the current page URL is the same as the share on Facebook activity

3. Share on Instagram

How it works?

Customers will get points when they share a post about you on Instagram. Unlike the Share on Facebook and Share on Pinterest activities, customers don't have to share from the loyalty dashboard; they can directly post on Instagram. The post has to be identified with a particular #hashtag.
On the loyalty dashboard, in the 'Share on Instagram' activity, customers are asked for their Instagram handle. Zinrelo will check instagram every hour for posts uploaded with your chosen hashtag. If any post has been put up with that hashtag by one of the registered loyalty customers, points will be awarded to that customer. 

4. Share on Twitter

This works very similar to the Instagram sharing. Customers have to provide their Twitter handle in the loyalty dashboard and then they can tweet about your brand using a specific hashtag. Zinrelo will crawl Twitter every 15 minutes for that hashtag and award points to whichever customers have posted the tweet using that hashtag. 

5. Follow on Twitter

This is again similar to the 'Share on Twitter' activity. Customers will have to provide their Twitter handle in the loyalty dashboard. Zinrelo will verify whether the customer is following you on Twitter or not and award points to the followers.
Note: A customer can earn points for this activity only once. Following and unfollowing and re-following you will not earn multiple points.

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