Here is a video explaining how a Loyalty Rewards Program can be implemented on an Omni-Channel Program:

NOTE: It's applicable only for those merchants who have an Omni-Commerce Phased implementation.

Characteristics of an Omni-Channel Implementation

  1. Purchase Type: Purchases are made by customers on either the website or the physical store. They may place phone order or use a mobile app. Customers may also browse the website on their mobile phones. For all these cases, the customers will use their email address as the key to access their account on the loyalty program. 

  2. Redemption Type: Customers can redeem their rewards on the website, at your physical store at the point-of-sale (POS) or in the mobile app.

  3. Technology: In case of the website, Standard E-commerce carts like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Salesforce Commerce, Demandware, Prestashop, 3dCart, Miva, etc. Or a Custom Cart Implementation.
    In case of Point-of-sale (POS), the cashier will punch in the details of the customers' email address along with the purchase and can apply discounts.
    An iPad or a similar device can be used by the cashier to access the customer's profile online and redeem points for cash.
    A Back-end Database which holds all the purchase information from all the stores, phone orders, etc in a consolidated manner. This data can be exported to a CSV file on a daily/weekly basis.
    And then there is a mobile app (Android/iOS) which can be used to make the purchases. Zinrelo Loyalty Program is embedded into the mobile app.

Omni-Channel Implementation - Integration

  1. E-Commerce Integration (IT Team): This is essentially for standard carts such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Salesforce Commerce, Demandware, Prestashop, 3dCart, Miva, etc. Zinrelo already has a pre-built plugin for all of them so there is hardly any development work involved.
    For custom cart, two Javascript snippets are required to be dropped on to the website.

  2. Store + Phone Order Integration (IT Team): It requires the export of store + phone orders purchase data file in CSV from the backend database on a daily/weekly basis. Then importing it into the loyalty program either manually or by uploading it to an FTP site.

  3. Mobile App Integration (IT Team): It requires embedding of Zinrelo Loyalty Dashboard into the mobile app and/or to make Zinrelo API calls to get customer data.

  4. Custom Integration - if required (IT Team): Here you can use Zinrelo API/Webhooks to show loyalty data on the website or POS or CRM, etc.

Omni-Channel Integration Components

  1. Program Design (Marketing): Deciding on design type, activities, rewards, tiers and referral program.

  2. Customer Facing Elements (User Interface/Marketing): For the look and feel of the Dashboard, Email Notifications and On-site Notifications (for on site and mobile app)

  3. User Experience - Process Flow (Marketing): You look at navigation links on the website, the rewards, redemption and returns (for ecom, store, phone and mobile app)

  4. Program Visibility (User Interface/Marketing): for ecom you look at making explainer page, links on website, onsite placement and promoting referrals via email. For in store, you look at displays in store and at cashier stations. For phone orders you look at the pitch for loyalty program.

  5. Integration (IT): Includes website integration, API, Webhooks, Javascript, Batch mode upload and custom JS for website placement. Then you look at importing orders from store and phone and also integration with the mobile app.

  6. Program Configuration (Marketing): Entering the program design parameters into the admin console.

  7. Program Live Launch Testing (User Interface/Marketing): Includes launch testing, pre-launch testing, in-store experience testing, phone experience testing and mobile app testing.

  8. Post-Program Promotion (Marketing): Importing members from the old loyalty program or importing past purchases. You can also email to the user base, setup a promotions calendar and think of more in-store placements.

Omni-Channel Implementation - Store + Phone Orders

Training Cashiers for Store/Phone Orders (Training Department): Training them on how to handle in-store and phone orders. Asking for the customer's email address when purchase is made. Then also looking up the customer's profile online and redeeming a reward for them if they wish to.

3 Phase Omni-Channel Implementation

  1. Phase 1 - Loyalty Essentials (+4 weeks): Gets the program launched with minimal complexity and with all the basic features.
    Launch Components: Among activities, Points for Purchases, Referral Program and Points for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can be there. Simple $ off gift cards can be set as Rewards. For store purchases, daily/weekly purchase data file can be imported manually to award points. Cashiers can be trained to introduce the loyalty program to the customers. Asking the customer's email address and entering it with every purchase. Cashiers should also be trained on how to redeem points on behalf of the customers.

  2. Phase 2 - Loyalty Complete (+4 weeks): Adding bells and whistles to complete the program and promoting the program aggressively to the customer base.
    Launch Components: Among activities, Points for Reviews, adding Custom Activities and adding business rules to purchases made can be there. Free products for points can be set as Rewards. For store purchases, daily/weekly purchase data file can be uploaded to the FTP site automatically to award points. To promote the program, a detailed explainer page can be made. Buttons and links can be put on the website. Email blast can be done to introduce the loyalty program. Banners can be put in the store about the loyalty program. Finally, old customers or purchases can be imported into the program.

  3. Phase 3 - Loyalty Advanced (+8 weeks): Fine tuning of the program to maximize revenues and engagement. A deeper integration to streamline the user experience.
    Launch Components: Among activities, you can give incentives for performing any custom activity and use Zinrelo's API to award points for these activities. You can allow users to redeem their points dynamically on the checkout page or use webhooks to apply coupons directly to the user's account. To promote the program, you can show the user's points balance at different places on the site. You can run promotions based on business rule and email campaigns to promote the program while including loyalty points in all email messages sent to the customers.

Please refer to the attached file for the checklist:

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