Coupon-based redemption includes any reward that involves giving the customer a coupon code in return for available points.

Here is a quick video to understand how to manage coupon codes:

Important Note: The codes have to be generated in your platform ahead of time and uploaded to the redemption option. These codes have to be valid on your platform. Zinrelo will simply dispense the codes to the customers who redeem that reward.

The ‘Manage Codes’ section allows you to view all the codes uploaded for the redemption, the number of codes that are used up, the customers to whom the codes were given out to and upload new coupon codes.

To add a new batch of coupon codes, click on the ‘Add New’ button and add new codes (one per line). You can simply paste a spreadsheet column containing all the codes. These should be unique, single-use coupon codes so as to avoid fraud by users who haven't earned the coupon code.

In case there are no more codes to give out the reward option pauses automatically.

Note: It works differently for different plugins. Please refer to the integration document.

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