What settings are needed for auto-enrolment?

When you begin Integration with Zinrelo one of the default settings is enabling auto-enrollment. To learn more refer to this article.

So in that way, all the members who sign up onto your website become a part of the loyalty program automatically.

Why should I auto-enroll members into the program?

The study says it is best to auto-enroll members into the loyalty program, as soon as they log in or create an account on your site. Your goal should be to get as many members enrolled in the loyalty program as possible.

Auto-enrollment minimizes friction for program signup.

Loyalty programs like Zinrelo are priced on a per-member basis, therefore, some businesses are hesitant to add members to the program thinking that their costs will go up. However, that approach is counter-productive.

The fundamental purpose of a loyalty program is to maximize user engagement leading to higher repeat sales and more per-customer revenues. A loyalty program usually charges a few cents per member per month. Even if 1% of your entire user base gets engaged each month and makes a purchase, the program will generate positive ROI.

Usually, 3-5% of your user base will get engaged, leading to higher repeat sales. Therefore, a business should get as many users enrolled in the loyalty program as possible.

The best way is to auto-enroll members and offer an opt-out option.

How can I provide an opt-out option to the members?

The welcome email should also clearly state that members can opt-out of the program if they wish.

Members can go to The End-user dashboard >> Profile section.

Note: Members who opt out are NOT counted in the loyalty member count.

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