Need for a Code based referral program: 

The link based referral program is best suited for websites as it is easy to explain to your end users and easy to implement as well. However the link based system has its limitations. It cannot be used to run a referral program on a mobile app or an in-store referral program. For these use cases a code based referral program is the answer.

Generating the unique referral code: 

When a customer signs in to the loyalty program, a unique referral link and code is automatically assigned to that customer. The customer can access this link through the 'Refer a Friend' activity card in the loyalty dashboard. The last part of the referral link is the customer's unique referral code.

Tracking friend referrals:

Customers can share the codes with their friends through any channel. There are two ways to track the referrals. 

  1. Capture the referral code when the friends sign up for the loyalty program and send the information to Zinrelo through the basic integration JavaScript.

       window._zrl  =  window._zrl || [];
       var  init_data =
         ‘partner_id’ : XXXXXXXX, /*REQUIRED: Zinrelo Partner ID*/
         ‘email’ : ‘’,
          ‘name’ : ‘User  Full Name’,
          ‘user_id’ : ‘Unique-user-ID’
          ‘referral_code’ : ‘TES6177’
       _zrl.push( [ ‘init’ , init_data ] );
<script src = “//” type=“text/javascript”>

If the referral code is a valid one, the customer who referred the friend will be tagged as the referrer for this friend account. Any purchase that the friend makes thereafter can trigger a kick back to the referrer.

2. Capture the referral code at the time of purchase and send the information to Zinrelo through the 'Coupon_Code' field in the purchase tracking JavaScript or the Batch Mode file for purchases. 

Incentives for the Referrer and Friend:

  • Referrer Incentive: When Zinrelo registers the new customer as a friend of the referrer, the system will can automatically award the desired points to the referrer. 
  • To give the friends an incentive on their first purchase some custom setup will be required. When friends provide the referral code in the registration process, Zinrelo will link the original referrer to the friend account. At the time of making a purchase, you can use the Get User API function to check if the person making a purchase was referred by any customer and if this is the first purchase. If the answer to both questions is "yes", you can automatically apply the necessary discount.
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