Why do I need to expire points?

Points earned by your customers are a liability in your accounting books. It is a good practice to have an expiration policy. Not only does this help to limit the liability, but it also pushes the customers to redeem their points and make more purchases.

How can I set up the points expiry?

  • Go to: Program settings >> Points Expiry


  • Points Expiration

If you don’t want to set an expiration date for the points, you can do so by selecting the ‘Never’ option from the ‘Points Expiry’ drop-down list OR select "After a certain period of inactivity"

  • Expire points after: Set up a time frame in months and days as to when you want to expire the points.

  • Definition of inactivity': ‘Activities which would keep the account active’ field allows you to define expiry. As long as the customer performs one of the selected activities, the account is considered active and points would not expire.

Note: Each time the customer does one of the selected activities, the expiration date is reset.

  • Send Reminder email: You can trigger a reminder notification

a) 30 days before expiry

b) 15 days before expiry

c) 7 days before expiry

d) 2 days before expiry

The email content is configurable from the Email Notifications section.

Setting up Activities

Setting up Tiers

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