To setup PayPal App please follow the instruction given below:

1. For PayPal integration you need to have a Paypal Business Account. If you do not have the same log into your 2. PayPal account and request for upgrading your account to a business account.

3. After you have got the business account go to and log into developer.

4. Click on My Account and enable Payouts API. All the access related features should look like in figure below:

5. When you get the payouts API approved click on My Apps & Credentials link.
6. Create a Paypal App. After you have created an App please note down the App’s Client ID and Client Secret.
7. Go to A link will be there asking you to login via Paypal. Log in via Paypal.
8. Click on New App link.
9. Click on create New App. A form opens up as shown in figure below:

10. Make sure you check and get verified status, and fill in the other details as shown in the above figure.
11. Once approved, you will get a Live App ID. Make a note of it.

12. Go to your PayPal account section. Click on My Selling Tools
13. Scroll down to the API Access and click on the Update link.

14. Click on Manage API Credentials

15. In the NVP/SOAP API integration section click on View API Signature link. You'll able to see Security Username, Password and Signature if you have already requested the credentials. You can request for the API credentials if you don't have.

16. Make a note of API username, API Password and Signature.
17. Update all the details in Zinrelo Dashboard.

You are done with the PayPal integration. Paypal charges for each payout transaction. The table showing charges from each place in the world can be found in the given link:

Note: Every transaction you make will be charged at .25$ by PayPal.

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