The Zinrelo Rewards Program has built-in notifications to increase customer engagement with the program.

Here is a video to walk you through the configurations of Email Notifications:

Email and on-site notifications configuration settings are available under the ‘Notifications’ tab. The notifications have been grouped under categories. Refer to the screenshot attached below:

Configuring Notifications

Email Notifications

These notifications are sent to your customers based on certain triggers defined by Zinrelo. Before you configure the content of the email notifications, you should set up an email address with your domain which will be used to send out all the emails. That way, the emails look like they are being sent by you and not a third party.

Follow this document to set up your custom email address for sending the Zinrelo notifications.

All the emails are configurable through HTML. You can choose to activate or pause the email notifications anytime. Each email notification allows you to insert some dynamic content in the email through the use of some variables. The triggers and the variables available for each notification are shown in the following table.

Once you have configured the Email Notifications, the next step is to promote the rewards program. For detailed instructions on it, see this document – Promoting Rewards Program.

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