This document explains how the program rewards are to be configured in the Zinrelo admin console. Rewards are one of the components of a loyalty program. If you want an overview of the entire loyalty program configuration you can start with Getting Started with the Program Configuration.

Before you start configuring rewards, you should have the program design ready. If you need help with program design, you can check Getting Started with Program Design.

Navigating to the Rewards Configuration

Rewards configuration section is in the ‘Program Settings’ tab. You can create new reward options, edit existing reward and activate or pause any of the options that have been configured.

Configuring the Rewards

This section deals with setting up coupon based rewards. Coupon based rewards include any reward that involves giving the customer a coupon code in exchange for loyalty points. The coupon code may be for a dollar discount, percentage discount, free shipping, free gift with the purchase or it may even be a code for a 3rd party gift certificate.

There are three parts to the reward configuration:

  1. Basic Settings
  2. Text Configuration
  3. Managing Codes

Basic Settings

In the basic settings, you can set the value of the reward, reward eligibility and frequency caps for the reward. 

The configuration fields are explained below:

  1. Reward Type: The options are 'Fixed Amount Discount' or 'Percentage Discount'. This is just for clarity when you view the reward configuration later. The selection has no impact on the redemption process. The discount given ultimately depends on the coupon codes that you upload.
  2. Discount value: This is used in Zinrelo reports. 
  3. Redemption ID: This field cannot be edited. The ID can be used in the CSS and APIs to uniquely identify this reward.
  4. Points to be deducted: Points that will be deducted when the code is issued to customers.
  5. Reward Eligibility: The options are 'Tier based' or 'Points based'.
    With tier based eligibility, you can decide which tier members will be able to see which rewards. If a particular reward is not enabled for that tier the members wont see it at all even if they have sufficient points.
    Points based eligibility can be used if you want to restrict rewards to those members who have earned a certain number of points in the given time frame, irrespective of the tier they belong to. This is useful in creating promotions where you can promise customers 'special' rewards if they earn XXX points in a given week / month.
  6. Auto redeem: If this checkbox is checked, the reward will be automatically redeemed for the members when they earn the points required for the reward, provided they satisfy the eligibility condition.
    Use this option if you dont want your customers to explicitly go into the dashboard and redeem their points for a code.
    Note: If auto redemption is set on multiple rewards, Zinrelo follows a set priority order to decide which rewards should be triggered first. All points based rewards will be given priority and will be processed in the decreasing order of points required. Then the tier based rewards will be taken up in the decreasing order of points required.
  7. Set Reward limit: This places restrictions on how many times a member can redeem the reward. 

Text Configuration:

All customer facing text elements in the redemption process can be customized. The following snapshots explain where the respective TEXT configuration elements are used in the redemption process.

Manage Codes:

The ‘Manage Codes’ section allows you to view all the codes uploaded for the redemption, the number of codes that are used up, the customers to whom the codes were given out to and upload new coupon codes.
Please check the article Managing Coupon Codes for details.

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