This document explains how the program tiers are to be configured in the Zinrelo admin console. Tiers are one of the components of a loyalty program. If you want an overview of the entire loyalty program configuration you can check Getting Started with the Program Configuration.

Navigating to the Tier configuration

Tier settings are available under the ‘Program Settings’ tab. Refer to the screenshot attached below:

Configuring Tiers

Elements that are common to all tiers (Global Tier Settings) can be found under the ‘Settings’ tab in the Tier configuration. Fields specific to individual tiers can be configured in the ‘Manage Tiers’ section.

Global Tier Settings

These settings are applicable to all tiers.

The configuration fields under global tier settings are:

Tier Type

There are two options for Tier Type:
Life Time Tier - In this tier type, there is no restriction on the time available to a customer to earn the points required for a tier upgrade. Furthermore, once that tier is attained, the customer is never downgraded to a lower tier. Hence the name ‘Lifetime tier’.
Period based Tier – In this tier type, the customer needs to earn a certain number of points in each calculation cycle to upgrade or maintain their tier. Upgrades are processed instantly whereas downgrades are done at the beginning of the next cycle. For the period based option you need to define the cycle duration and the starting month for the cycle.

Activities qualifying for Tier Upgrade

Not all points earned by a customer may count towards tier upgrades. You have the option to choose activities that qualify for tier upgrade calculations. Such activities will be referred to as ‘Qualified Activities’ and the points earned for those activities will be called ‘Qualified Points’.

Individual Tier Settings

These settings are specific to each tier.

The configuration fields under individual tier settings are:

Minimum Qualified Points

These are the qualified points required to upgrade to the tier. The base tier will be set at zero points.

Tier Rewards

All the redemption rewards that you have setup in your program will show up here. You can select which of those rewards should be visible to members of the given tier.

Tier Points Multiplier

For doing the same activity, members of a higher tier can earn more points than a member of a lower tier. This can be setup using the Tier Points Multiplier. It is an additional multiplier applied to the points earned for any activity.

Once you have configured the tiers, next step is to set-up the Points Expiration. For detailed instructions on setting up Points Expiration, see this document – Configuring Points Expiration.

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