This document describes the steps required to implement the Zinrelo integration for a business that has a website, multiple brick and mortar stores, also accepts telephone orders. Activities from all three sales channels should be synchronized with the loyalty program and points to be awarded for such activities.

The steps to complete the integration are as follows:

Website Integration

Complete the website integration. Visit the document Getting Started with the Zinrelo Integration for details.

Make sure that the Zinrelo end-user loyalty dashboard is visible on the website. This is where end-users can check their loyalty points activity.

Set up Loyalty Activities on Website

Set up the loyalty activities on the Zinrelo end-user loyalty dashboard for which points will be awarded to the user.

Get the FTP Information

Get the FTP information for your account. You can find it in the General Tab > Settings > Batch Mode > Enable Batch Mode.

Set up CSV files for Daily Purchases

Create consolidated CSV files every day to list daily purchases made in all the brick and mortar stores plus on the telephone. It is best to extract the daily purchase data from a central database.

Visit the article Purchase Activity Integration via Batch Mode to understand the format of these files.

Upload CSV Files Daily

Upload the CSV files with daily purchase information to the FTP server. Zinrelo system will automatically scan these files starting 12 midnight US Pacific time. A report will be generated after the processing is completed. Loyalty members will be notified by email of the points awarded within 24 hours after the CSV files are processed.

Set up Redemption Coupons for Website

Set up separate website redemption coupons that can be redeemed for a dollar off discount on the website.

Set up Redemption Coupons for In-store

Set up separate in-store redemption coupons that can be redeemed for a dollar off discount at the point-of-sale (in-store).

When the user clicks to redeem points for an in-store coupon, an email with the coupon code and a scannable bar code is sent to the user’s mobile phone.

User shows the redemption coupon to the cashier. Cashier scans the coupon at checkout to give a dollar discount to the user.

Launch the Program

Launch the program when the testing for purchases from the online website, brick-and-mortar store and telephone sales is complete and the points are being correctly.

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