The Zinrelo REST API integration allows you to customize the loyalty program and leverage some of the advanced features of the Zinrelo platform. Use of the API isn't necessary for setting up a standard program. You can check API Usage Scenarios to see where the Zinrelo API is useful.

If you are just looking for the standard integration for your website, POS or your mobile app, please refer to 'Getting Started with Zinrelo Integration'.

This article will only introduce you to Zinrelo's API. The technical API document with sample codes has been uploaded at

Pre-Requisites for using the REST API

You must have a Zinrelo account in order to make an API call. For security reasons, all API calls are authenticated using your API key and partner ID. If you dont have a Zinrelo account, you can sign up for one at

API functions

The API functions provided by Zinrelo can be broadly classified into 4 categories.

  1. Points: This includes the API functions to manipulate points for any user. (Add, Deduct, Redeem)

  2. Transactions: This includes the API functions to fetch the transactions from the Zinrelo program. Transactions refer to any activity that affects the points balance (points earned / redeemed / deducted / expired)

  3. Return: The API to process return orders is different from the simple deduct points API. The return order API will verify the points awarded for the original transaction and deduct points based on the business rules.

  4. Users: This includes all API functions required to fetch any details about the enrolled members.

The complete list of API functions is given in the table below.

For details, visit the technical API document with sample codes at

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