Zinrelo's Prestashop module will install the basic loyalty program on your Prestashop store. To understand what is covered in the basic setup and what additional customizations are possible please check Getting Started with Zinrelo Integration.
Please follow these instructions to setup the Zinrelo Loyalty program on your Prestashop store.

  1. Go to the Prestashop add-ons marketplace and install the Zinrelo module.

  2. On successful installation it will show up in the ‘Installed Modules’ in your Prestashop dashboard. Enable the Zinrelo module.

3. After you get the notice that the module was successfully enabled, click on the “Configure” button.

4. If you have multiple stores in your Prestashop account, select the stores for which you want to enable the Zinrelo module. Click the configure button against those stores.

5. When you click configure you will be redirected to the Zinrelo website to create your account and configure your loyalty program.
Check this document for details on program configuration.

6. On your Prestashop dashboard, you will now see a Zinrelo Partner ID generated for you and a message saying that “The settings have been successfully updated”.
Note: If you already have an account with Zinrelo, you need to update the auto-generated partner ID with the one available in your Zinrelo console.

If you face any issues with the installation please contact support@zinrelo.com

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