Integrating the Zinrelo platform involves adding the basic snippet and setting up purchase tracking your website. This document will walk you through the process to test whether the integration snippet has been properly set up.

Testing the basic integration

The basic integration snippet does two things –

  • Executes a call to Zinrelo to load Zinrelo resources on the page

  • Authenticates the customer in the loyalty program

So the test cases should cover both the objectives of the script.

Testing the call to the Zinrelo platform

If you have deployed the Zinrelo code on your staging environment, there is a simple way to test the integration without going into the source code of the page. Go to your Zinrelo admin console and launch the loyalty program. If you see the Rewards program widget on the bottom left of your webpage then the basic snippet has executed the call successfully.

Testing customer authentication

If a customer is successfully authenticated, the loyalty widget will show the customer’s loyalty transactions along with redemption options and additional earning opportunities. But if a customer is not logged in to the program, the loyalty widget will display information about the program along with buttons to sign-in or register on the site.

Log in to your website and then click on the ‘Rewards’ widget. You should see the logged-in view of the rewards program.

Testing the Purchase Tracking

The purchase tracking API passes information about the purchase to Zinrelo. This information is used to award points for purchases. To test this integration you will have to place a test order.


  • The basic integration snippet is installed and tested

  • Purchase Tracking API has been set up.

  • The ‘Purchase on Website’ activity is live in the admin console. (Program Settings > Activities > Purchase on Website).

  • The loyalty program is ‘Active’ in the Zinrelo console.

Step 1: Make a purchase on the website. Once you complete the purchase you should see a notification confirming that you have earned points for your purchase.

Step 2: Then log in to the Zinrelo console and go to Reports > Activities > Activity Feed.

Check if your recent purchase shows up here. Verify that the points awarded are correct based on the multiplier set in the ‘Purchase on Website’ activity configuration. (Default is 10 points for every $1 spent)

Step 3: Click on your name to open up the individual customer report. Click on your recent purchase transaction and see the product information that is displayed. Verify that the product information is accurate.


If you face any issues with the integration, please contact

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