The objective of this document is to explain the Zinrelo rewards program components and its configuration options. The target audience for the document is the Marketing Team / Business Contact responsible for taking business decisions for client’s business.

Zinrelo program configuration on the admin console can be divided into the following components:

  1. Activities 
  2. Rewards 
  3. Tiers (Optional – but recommended)
  4. Points Expiration (Optional – but recommended)
  5. End-user Dashboard
  6. Notifications 

Before you can start configuring your program in the Zinrelo platform, you need to have your program design ready. If you need help with the program design, please check Getting Started with the Program Design.


Activities are the points earning opportunities for your customers. You can award points to customers for default activities available in the Zinrelo dashboard like account creation, purchases, referrals and others. You can also set-up custom activities like reviews to award points.

Configuring Activities mainly involves:

  • Adding basic information: This includes the name & description of the activity and points earned for the activity. Some of the activities built in to the Zinrelo platform require additional information. E.g. Referral post configuration details for the referral activity.
  • Setting up business rules: Zinrelo offers a sophisticated rule engine that allows you to create multiple rules and exceptions for each activity.

To see the Activities and its configurations in detail, please refer this document – Configuring Activities.

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Set up rewards that your customers can redeem with their earned points. Zinrelo offers a variety of redemption options like coupon based redemptions, Paypal cash back, 3rd party gift cards and product redemptions.

Configuring rewards involves setting up:

  • Coupon codes for Coupon-based Rewards: Coupon-based rewards like percentage discount or 3rd party gift cards require coupon codes to be uploaded to the configuration.
  • PayPal App for PayPal Cash back: You need to setup a PayPal App to activate Paypal cash back reward option. (Instructions for creating Paypal app).
  • Product parameters and add to cart URL for product redemptions: Product based redemptions that allow you to add a product to the customer’s cart in exchange for points require you to set-up the product’s parameters and the add to cart POST URL.

To see the Rewards and their configurations in detail, please refer this document – Configuring Rewards.

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You can create program tiers to reward high spenders by incentivizing them more. This creates a need for new customers to spend more and reach the higher tiers.
Using Tiers, you can divide your entire customer base into parts say, low spending customers, medium spending customers and high spending customers.

Tiers are configured by setting up:

  • Tier Eligibility: Tier Eligibility is set up by updating:
  • Minimum points required to quality for next tier
  • Activities which will qualify for tier upgrade
  • Period which will be considered for tier upgrade
  • Tier Rewards: Benefits for higher tiers can include points multiplier, exclusive rewards, etc.

To see detailed information about tiers and configuring them, please refer this document – Configuring Tiers.

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Points Expiration

Points earned by your customers are a liability in your accounting books. It is a good practice to have an expiration policy. Not only does this help to limit the liability, it also pushes the customers to redeem their points and make more purchases.

Points Expiration configuration involves setting up:

  • Definition of inactivity: Decide the activities which will define whether an account is active or not
  • Period of inactivity: Decide the period within which an activity is needed to keep the account active

To see detailed information about points expiration and configuring it, please refer this document – Configuring Points Expiration.

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End-user Dashboard

This is the primary interface for your customers to interact with the loyalty program. This dashboard will be visible to your customers on your website when the Rewards program goes live.

End-user dashboard has the following configuration options:

  • Create dashboard theme: You can create your own theme to match with your brand using the color options.
  • Embed dashboard: You have the option to embed this dashboard on a page of your website instead of the pop-up widget using a div tag.

You can also change the look and feel of notifications shown on the website from the 'Widget and Notification' section.

To see detailed information about end-user dashboard and configuring it, please refer this document – Configuring End-user Dashboard.

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Customers need to be notified about the benefits of the Rewards program to increase engagement on your website. Zinrelo offers in-built contextual email and on-site notifications to drive maximum engagement.

These notifications will be triggered to your customers on events like loyalty points earned, rewards redeemed, tier upgrade etc.

Email Notifications can be configured by:

  • Choosing events: You can choose which events should trigger email notifications to your customers.
  • Customizing HTML: These email notifications are fully customizable through HTML. So, you can add your logo, fonts or brand colors to these emails.

You can also configure the text of On-site notifications from their respective Activities.

To see the Notifications and their configurations in detail, please refer this document – Configuring Notifications.

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Once the Loyalty program is setup, you can activate it and start promoting it. See our recommendations for Promoting the Loyalty Program.

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