The objective of this document is to explain the Zinrelo rewards program components and its configuration options.

Zinrelo program configuration- Program Settings on the admin console can be divided into the following components:

  1. Activities 

  2. Rewards 

  3. Tiers (Optional – but recommended)

  4. Points Expiration (Optional – but recommended)

Before you can start configuring your program in the Zinrelo platform, you need to have your program design ready. If you need help with the program design, please check Getting Started with the Program Design.


Activities are the points earning opportunities for your customers. You can award points to customers for default activities available in the Zinrelo dashboard like account creation, purchases, referrals, and others. You can also set-up custom activities like reviews to award points.

To see the Activities and its configurations in detail, please refer to this document – Configuring Activities.


Set up rewards that your customers can redeem with their earned points. Zinrelo offers a variety of redemption options like coupon-based redemptions, 3rd party gift cards, and product redemptions, etc.

To see the Rewards and their configurations in detail, please refer to this document – Configuring Rewards.


You can create program tiers to reward high spenders by incentivizing them more. This creates a need for new customers to spend more and reach higher tiers.
Using Tiers, you can divide your entire customer base into parts say, low spending customers, medium spending, and high spending customers.

To see detailed information about tiers and configuring them, please refer to this document – Configuring Tiers.

Points Expiration

Points earned by your customers are a liability in your accounting books. It is a good practice to have an expiration policy. Not only does this help to limit the liability, but it also pushes the customers to redeem their points and make more purchases.

To see detailed information about points expiration and configuring it, please refer to this document – Configuring Points Expiration.

Once the Loyalty program is set up, you can activate it and start promoting it.

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