The objective of this document is to provide a high level overview of the integration process for the Zinrelo loyalty program. Before you start with the integration, it will be useful to look at how end-customers interact with the program and which features are available in the basic setup Vs those that need customization.  

If you are just looking for an overview of the complete setup process you can start with Setting up a Loyalty Program.

Here is a quick video to get an overview of the Zinrelo Integration:

Website Integration

Zinrelo's loyalty program is usually first integrated on the website. The loyalty program can be integrated on the website through simple JavaScript snippets. The JavaScript snippets take care of the basic setup including -

  • Customer enrollment in the program
  • Purchase tracking for awarding points based on business rules
  • On-site notifications for points earned
  • Rendering the end-user loyalty dashboard on the site

Some of the advanced features offered by Zinrelo require custom integration.

Integration Snippets

Both snippets need to be installed to complete the integration. We have made the process of installing the snippets easier on some standard shopping carts. (Check the list of pre-integrated shopping carts.)

  1. Basic Integration Snippet: This snippet needs to go up on all pages of your site. It should be put in the header of your website template. It loads the Zinrelo resources on the page and passes the information of your logged in customers to Zinrelo.
    See the basic integration snippet document for details.
  2. Purchase Tracking Snippet: This snippet goes up on your order confirmation / thank you page. It passes details of the website orders to Zinrelo.
    See the purchase tracking snippet  document for details.

Custom Integration (Optional)

Some loyalty activities are custom or do not happen on the website. For example, in-store purchases, offline activities or activities from third-party CRM or marketing systems, for which a business wishes to award loyalty points. Such activities can be fed into the Zinrelo loyalty platform via two methods: Batch Mode Integration or API Integration.

For example, a loyalty program for a Point-of-Sale (POS) system should be able to award points for purchases and let customers redeem points online or in the store. Batch mode integration is a simply way to integrate the POS system with the loyalty program.

The highlights of a POS integration via batch mode are -

  • Points awarded at the end of the day through batch files
  • Rewards redeemed by customers themselves in an online dashboard
  • In-store discounts can be facilitated by coupon codes / bar codes that customers will earn through the online dashboard
  • No changes required to the POS system itself. Only the export to Zinrelo's FTP could be automated.
  • No training required for in-store staff

The process of earning and redeeming points at the POS using batch files is shown below.

  1. Customers provide their email address / phone number while making a purchase. All transactions completed in store, are recorded by the POS system.
  2. All the day’s transactions are uploaded in a specified format to the FTP server setup by Zinrelo.
  3. Zinrelo processes all uploaded files at the end of each day (12 midnight US Pacific time) and points are awarded to the customers.
  4. Customer accounts are updated based on the configuration in the Zinrelo console. Email notifications are sent out to the customers about the earned points. The emails include a link to the customer loyalty dashboard on the website or a standalone page.
  5. Customer loyalty dashboards are configured to show the POS redemption options. The redemption options can be a mix of POS and website redemptions.
  6. Customers login to the loyalty dashboard to view their available points and the redemption options that they are eligible for. On redeeming any of the POS options, customers will be given a coupon code and a scanable bar code which can be presented at the POS for claiming the discount.
  7. Customers present the coupon code or the bar code at the POS on their subsequent purchase and get the promised discount. They will again earn points on the amount spent.

Other Optional Integrations

They are more ways to integrate with the Zinrelo platform. However, these are usually explored in Phase 2 after the loyalty program is up and running.

  1. Mobile app Integration: You can award points from within your mobile app and customers can view their loyalty dashboard from the app. A Zinrelo mobile SDK is available.
  2. Webhooks: Zinrelo provides notifications of events within the loyalty program via Webhooks. These webhooks can be consumed by third-party software such as CRM, email marketing tools etc. to trigger other actions.

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