If you are new to the Zinrelo platform and unfamiliar with the components of a loyalty program, this document is a good place to start. This document will give you a high level overview of all steps required to launch a successful loyalty rewards program.

Here is a high level diagram that explains the steps and the order required for the launch. The time taken to complete these steps depends on the complexity of each step for your implementation. For small Clients, the program can be launched in a few minutes because most steps are automated. For larger Clients, the program launch can happen in about 2-3 weeks because some of the decisions may be more complex.

The steps required to launch the Zinrelo loyalty rewards program are explained below.

Zinrelo Integration

Integration with the website is done four simple steps. If you are not using a pre-integrated e-commerce platform, your IT team will need to get involved. 3 simple steps are required to complete the technical integration. The custom integration step is optional.

See Getting Started with Zinrelo Integration for details.

Note that you are required to do custom integration only if you are adding very special functionality. For example, you will need custom integration for activities such as:

  • awarding points for reviews, photo uploads or other custom activities

  • integrating with a Point-of-Sale system

  • integrating with your mobile app

  • syncing data between your CRM and the Zinrelo program.

Zinrelo recommends that most Clients should start with a simple program and enhance it gradually. Thus, this step is skipped in the initial stages for most Clients.

Loyalty Program Design

The design of the loyalty rewards program is a critical step towards its success. The loyalty program design is done in 4 simple steps. For small Clients, a design wizard is presented at the time of setup. It helps complete the program design in a few minutes. Enterprise clients can download the program design worksheet from our support portal.

See Getting Started with Program Design for details.

Loyalty Program Configuration

The loyalty program configuration is a simple step of inputting the program design data into the Zinrelo Admin Console.

  • Activities: Configure what activities will be awarded points. Set up the business rules to add sophistication to the program.

  • Rewards: Configure the rewards that can be redeemed by the users when they earn points.

  • Tiers: Configure the rewards that can be redeemed by the users when they earn points.

  • End-user Dashboard: Configure the rewards dashboard that is seen by end users.

  • Notifications: Contextual notifications are a great way to engage users. Configure the on-site and email notifications.

  • Points Expiration: Set an expiration policy for your points

Once the configuration is complete, you are ready to launch the loyalty rewards program.

Program Launch

You can launch the program from the home screen of the Zinrelo console or using the 'Active/Paused' status button shown in the following image.

Be sure to check the pre-launch checklist before you launch your program.

Loyalty Program Promotion

Program promotion is crucial to the success of the program. Promotion involves creating awareness about the program as well as engaging existing customers.

The website and email campaigns are the primary channels for creating awareness about the program for new customers. Social Media and blogs are other options.

To engage enrolled members you should use event based notifications and also run special loyalty program promotions each month.

See Promoting the Loyalty Program for details.

Analyze Program Results

Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards program increases revenue from existing customers by 2.4 times, improves repeat purchase rate by 80% and increases average order value by 33%. Zinrelo reports will give you detailed insights into how the program is performing.

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